I’m Stephan Weyte. Voice actor. Sometimes misspelled as Stefan or even Stephen. I’m an actor trained in drama at Boston University and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. I’ve performed in theatre on Broadway, Off Broadway, and in regional theaters all over the country. Now, I make my home in the picturesque northwest. Seattle, to be exact.

You’ve probably heard my voice in a few places. In commercials, such as spots voiced for Boeing, Lexmark, Petsmart, US West and Microsoft. And in games, such as The Matrix, Pajama Sam, Claw, Freddi Fish, Total Annihilation, Haunted Childhood, Starsiege, Police Quest, and Fire Emblem. One of my more notorious characters is the sarcastic, singing “Caleb” in Blood 1 and 2. I’ve also done quite a few independent films.

I’ve garnered somewhat of a reputation as a storyteller. Whether for peppy little cartoon characters, diabolical gaming villains, or smooth and enticing announcers, my voice can tell your story.

Thanks for listening,

Audio Reels

Video Reels

Main Reel

1. “Showering with Spielberg” (short film): the director gets advice from his shower muse
2. “Keep Your Day Job, Superstar” : A boss talks to his son
3. “Mixing Karma” : A teacher relating the Jeremiah Johnson story
4. “Mixing Karma” : Don’t let your son grow up to be an artist

Stephen Weyte Compilation Video

AntiHero (Web Series)

Caleb Sings from Blood (Videogame)

King Minos from ULTRAKILL

Warrior Code (Book Series Trailer)

Iratus: Lord of the Dead Lore Game Trailer

Dusk (Video Game)

Minos Prime in Ultrakill (Video Game)

Grezzo in Gloomwood (Video Game)

Book Me

  • In Both Ears, Portland OR 503-892-8833 email
  • The Wallis Agency, LA 818-953-4848 email
  • Big Fish NW, Seattle 206-566-3113 email
  • RSH Management, Atlanta 404-403-8447 email
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